Acid42’s “Omnia in Omnibus” is a synth album worth checking out

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  • Acid42’s Omnia in Omnibus

First Impressions

Acid42’s Omnia in Omnibus achieves the artist’s stated goal of incorporating sonic elements from previous electronic music movements to create new works. The end result is a shimmering, lush synth tapestry that incorporates a wide range of sonic textures and moods that evoke nostalgia and emotion.

Acid42 has a knack for picking out the right synth sounds and combining them to create interesting and unique compositions. The variety and timbre of the various synths used on Omnia in Omnibus contribute to the album’s textured, complex, and lush feel.

I also like how Acid42 contrasts more organic-sounding instruments like hammered dulcimer, xylophone-like instruments, and strings with purely computerized or technological sounds to create contrasts and add another level of auditory detail.

I also find it intriguing that some of Acid42’s more unusual sounds in Omnia in Omnibus have an experimental element to them, but the way he treats them only serves to enhance their integration into the music.


“Plucked From The Sands Of Time” begins with stacked, reverberating synth waves that undulate into the track in a gently repeating pattern, surrounded by whorls of misty sound. The track is also pervaded by the deep, solid pulse of a full drum. I like how the delicate float of synth sounds floats around a medium-high technological synth pattern.

Before it all fades out on airy drift, a strange, elevated sound wriggles above the other elements in the music. Minor key synths are now joined by a full melodic pattern that slowly climbs up through the track while a countervailing, descending line with a twisted feeling moves below it.

I particularly like how the frame drum’s distinct quality throbs behind the trembling, ancient-feeling melody. “Transatlantivc” begins with skittering high-tech sounds and an energetic melody played on a warm, round synth that contrasts with a line of twisting, edgy sound shifting behind it.

As the chimes ring out and lines of shimmering synth rise and fall into silence, the lead melody is carried on a diaphanous breath of d synth. The throb of the large, full-frame drum continues to move behind chimes that call out with a bright, clear metallic light over the rebounding beat. The “B” section melody, which combines feelings of hope and sadness, is now joined by a gritty line of shifting synth.

The organ and high metallic string-like sounds shift around the piano melody, giving it a distinct Latin jazz vibe. With a woody, percussive ticking and a jazzy, leaping piano line, “Jam 20190130” is born. I’m drawn to it because of its dynamic quality, which is bolstered by thick organ sounds.

The piano plays a series of sweet chord patterns that rise through the music. As the beat stutters steps and glowing strings shimmer, piano chords climb into the music. The percussion ticks along as a secondary hopeful, easygoing piano melody trips gently over the swirling sounds behind it.

The track’s open feel is a nice piece of sound design. Over a series of oscillating, climbing synth arpeggios, rapid shivering synth lines travel. To begin “Analogia,” a glitchy, twisting, nasal synth line wriggles over massive, weighty drumbeats. Synths with a squelching, writhing sound vibrate through the music, almost unsettling.

A spiky journey into the track begins with a bursting, grumbling, shuddering synth, while a warmer synth swells in a line that arcs upwards over the shuddering distorted synth beneath it. The track has a pleasingly off-kilter feel to it.

Before ethereal sounds flow in and full synth voices fade away, a tide of shimmering synth dances in a quick pattern. The gentle, flowing sounds swirl over the edgy, distorted synth that sweeps and bends, creating a nice contrast.

The tabla and jangling strings open “Omnia.” As hammered dulcimer-like notes ring out over the tablas, the music has a swinging, mysterious quality to it. As the devious, bouncing rhythm moves through the track, waves of metallic strings shimmer across the surface of the music. Deep, clean synths call out as the beat sways and jumps along, and some wooden xylophone sounds give the music a full quality.

I like how the entire track has a bubbling, uplifting, and positive energy to it. As the arpeggios sail through, the sound of waves lapping on a beach touches the music. To begin “The Morning Of Another Day,” there is a sense of optimism and sunny energy. Underneath the lead melody, which is carried on a medium-high synth that brims with caressing feelings, synth arpeggios dance.

String-like synths call out with a sense of growth and progress as the music breaks into yearning voices. Over the beat’s forward motion, the drums throb and the flowing, singing synths all drift together. The music is filled with synths that sound like whale song, and the beat continues to bubble away in the distance. As the bubbling percussion moves again, the arpeggios slowly unfold into the track as the drums play a compelling rhythm and the synths glow like sun on water.

Final thoughts

It uses sounds that evoke nostalgia, but it keeps the music fresh, engaging, and interesting. Acid42’s approach to synth-based music is refreshing! Omnia In Omnibus takes you on a detailed, aural journey through a wide range of emotions and sensations.

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