Klet’s “Alconaut” is a synth album worth checking out

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First Impressions

As we float through space, we reflect on all that has been lost and will never be found again. Klet combines a vast sense of desolation with touching, tragic melodies and interwoven synth textures to create a soundscape. Alconaut by Klet is a melancholy journey through space’s void. The album is laced with melancholy and longing, with brighter moments thrown in for good measure.

All of the sonic elements are contained within an echoing space that opens up around them, giving the impression that each sound is floating in an infinite pool of velvety blackness. The sense of massive desolation that Klet creates on Alconaut is the first element that draws me in.

His melodic writing captures heartbreaking feelings of loss, abandonment, and yearning that pervade the music. I can sense the tracks’ emotions pouring out. The contrast between the melancholy melodies and the uplifting melodies is striking. The melodies that Klet has written for Alconaut are another aspect of the music that fascinates me.

Klet has a knack for weaving intricate mental images out of music by combining synths, drums, and bass. Another appealing aspect of the album is the interactions of tone, timbre, and texture that occur. There are sounds that are desolate and others that caress, while the drums give the music shape and the bass surges beneath it all like a shadowy tide.

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A distant, open feeling pervades “Gagarin’s Stars,” with drifting, lost notes joined by a throbbing, trembling beat and a piano-like synth carrying a gentle, painful melody. The bass has a wide sound, and the drums throb to give the music more energy.

The way the lead synth shimmers as it calls out the tragic, aching melody into the vastness of space captivates me. While hollow arpeggios spin through the track, the melody’s digital light croons its fragile song over the shaping influence of the beat. The high synths sparkle with starry, cold light, and the track has a massive echo.

To begin “Eternity,” a raised, ghostly synth drifts into open space as drums stutter and break. I’m drawn to the track’s unmoored feeling, which is only held together by the drums. The tremulous lines of airy notes move through the cold void around them.

As the uneven drums pulse, the background synths mistily swirl together, extending into the cavernous space around them. Over the active drum pulse, wandering notes glimmer indistinctly, twining together and sliding through the track.

The main melody is full of hurt and yearning, a touching expression of emotion. Before the glimmer, a shifting, dynamic bass throb joins it. With a warm synth glow and a trembling, oscillating sound that fills the track before slowing dramatically, “Yearning” comes to life.

The drums and thick bass are shot through with the arpeggio’s digital light that somersaults and twirls into silence, creating a rich mix of a cosmic spinning arpeggio, the drums, and thick bass. As the ethereal voice calls out, the stuttering beat throbs and shivers beneath my feet, the deep bass filling my chest. With a sense of melancholy, a female voice, broken and distorted, cries out into the track.

While the beat vibrates beneath it, a wandering, elevated synth with a chiming quality drifts spectrally. As “Black Heaven” takes shape, a solid drum beat throbs and echoes, reverberating out into space. The sense of loss that pervades the music and touches the heart is palpable to me.

Over the trembling beat and deep bass, dense, full synth pulses with a full digital quality become an oscillating pulse. As the beat continues to throb, piano notes tentatively echo out, while other sounds intertwine to create currents, forming a lush background. As the drums reverberate and caressing synths move with them, string-like synths tremble gently in the distance. As the song progresses, it takes on a soothing, breezy quality.

“Sound With Soul” begins with a ghostly pulse of sound that moves out into echoed space, accompanied by a distant whorl of synth flickering above a solid, throbbing bassline and thick drums. As the elevated, chiming sound gently flows through, dense synth rises in a slow pattern of shifting chords. As the track progresses, I’m drawn to the rich wall of sound that carries the lost, dreamy lead melody.

The track comes to a close with a glowing, reverberating synth line that fades into silence. Over the depth of the drums, the melody glides into space on a dense, round synth that feels tragic and gentle. As a nasal synth reaches out into the ether, glistening synth chords rise, supporting the other elements of the track.

I like how the gruff guitar part jumps out, a hopeful voice leaping into space while the drums throb. As the deep bass oscillation shifts, a line of vibrating synth trembles out into space. To begin “Vostok 1,” a line of distant and chiming synth dances through the propulsive drumbeat.

As a tenuous line of vibrating synth moves out, a distant synth trembles over the massive drums. The gruff but shining guitar with its indistinct edges joins the echoing empty sound of the synth moving into space as the reverberations echo into the openness around them and the beat goes on and on before finally fading out.

Stately, ethereal synth notes and chords intertwine as a unique sounding drum throbs breaks in along with a stuttering bass pulse as “Eternal Memories” flickers into existence as spaced out, elevated sounds flow out in a pinging pulse as stately, ethereal synth notes and chords intertwine while a unique sounding drum throbs breaks in along with a stuttering bass pulse.

The way the nasal, high lead synth sings out a melody full of hope and the feeling that something better is on the way has me enamored. As a starry glow suffuses the music, shining like a beacon, the sound of a satellite’s “ping” cries out into space, accompanied by the weight of bass gliding below. Before the tiny lights flicker and wink out into silence, all of the sonic elements continue through space.

To begin “Laika,” metallic, dark, and heavy sounds move with a Russian vocal sample and an arpeggiating, slowly moving synth shimmers in, while stentorian bass throbs. While the brushing drum movement adds an interesting texture to the music and the bass grows into a deep, floating field, a pained, soft melody echoes through the emptiness around it.

The shivering tremble of the beat takes the listener on a journey past galaxies and distant stars until the sparkle and ache fades out into the vastness of outer space. Shining sparkles flit in and out over the waves of bass, highlighting the tentative and hurtful melody.

Final thoughts

I’m still curious to hear what direction he’ll take his music next. Alconaut by Klet is an album brimming with aching emotion, a sense of wandering in the empty cold of space, and tinged with loss and yearning.

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