Terrordome’s “Straight Outta Smogtown” (Album Review) is a Polish thrash metal band.

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Straight Outta Smogtown, Terrordome

40:31 minutes in length

Thrash Metal is a genre of music.

Members include:

  • apczynski, Mateusz: guitars and vocals
  • Guitarist Przemysaw Paka
  • Bass guitars, Simon
  • Drums: Vitor Robson dos Santos Friggi (Note: He is the only member of this band who is not from Poland; he is from Brazil.)

Even though the guitar playing on Straight Outta Smogtown is intense, it is not Exodus-level intense, which may be too much for some listeners. The band raises awareness about various environmental issues, such as when forests are burned down due to political corruption or inaction. Terrordome is a ferociously heavy thrash metal band that takes speed and brutality to new heights, but they manage to make it work for the most part.

What Does It Mean to Be “Straight Outta Smogtown”?

As the album’s title implies or suggests, we, as citizens, must take action to reduce smog levels in our cities. Otherwise, that smog will have very negative health consequences for future generations.

Terrordome’s Third Album Is Bigger Than Anything They’ve Ever Released Before

Is this, however, a brutally heavy album? Machete Justice, Terrordome’s second studio album, is all about brutal speed throughout. If you don’t notice it on the first listen, the true heaviness of this album will hit your eardrums on the second listen. This one is described as having breakneck speed, but I think there’s a little more variety in it because there are slower parts and the bass guitar plays a bigger role.

Since the mid-1980s, when Acid Drinkers first appeared on the scene, this country has come a long way. Thrash metal is still going strong, particularly in Poland. That is, in part, what we will discuss next. You might be wondering how an album heavier than Slayer is possible. There are heavy albums, and then there’s this one, which outperforms pretty much everything else in the thrash metal genre. Even albums with fast and heavy songs, such as Reign in Blood, are not as heavy as what we hear on this album.

Music video for “Possessed by Blyat” about “Straight Outta Smogtown’s” Songs

The lyrical concept is an attitude of someone who believes they will die in the next 30 years and thus is unconcerned about what happens in the world. I Don’t Care is a heavy song with a style that reminds me of Holy Moses from around 2005. This one song alone demonstrates that the album is packed with angry, furious riffs that will shatter anything Pantera has written.

Any concerns you may have will be put to rest after 48 seconds, when the transition to the first full song, â€Possessed by Blyat,†is made. It was essentially a police state, with people being able to flee but not hiding from the authorities. Lyrically, the song is about the Soviet Union in the 1980s. However, given the fact that the album opens with a short instrumental track with a lengthy title, you may be confused and wonder if this is a thrash metal album at all.

Terrordome has a style of play that is not crossover thrash metal, but thrash metal that is as fast as a Ferrari (no pun intended), and the fact that these guys don’t hold back on their aggressive play while informing us that we should indeed pay attention to what is going on in the world for issues such as air quality, climate change, and terrorism. The band’s message continues to be that people are lied to and misled by politicians who only care about themselves at the expense of everyone else in the next song, â€Worried Again.†The band’s message continues to be that people are lied to and misled by politicians who only care about themselves at the expense of everyone else in the next song, â€Worried Again.

Last Thoughts

Straight Outta Smogtown is a fast-paced album in comparison to Reign in Blood. â€Plastic Death†is a song that lyrically describes what happens when people throw trash around rather than properly dispose of it. The vocalist’s rage, combined with the heavy riffs, results in a thrash metal album that is one of the heaviest of 2021, if not all time. The first song, which isn’t really a song because it’s only 48 seconds long, is an acoustic track that fits in with the album’s heavy nature.

But, on the whole, Straight Outta Smogtown is a fantastic thrash metal album that should raise awareness about some of the most pressing issues of our time, such as what some people do with their money and wealth, or government corruption in some countries. The only real flaw I can find with this album is that some of the songs contain a lot of rage-inducing language. â€Into the Void†has a fantastic guitar solo.

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