The 100 Greatest Torch Songs

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When you’re enslaved by unrequited love, you’ll experience a diabolical feeling. You feel lovelorn and lost in love when you have strong feelings for someone and the other person is completely unaware of your feelings. Love has a strange way of manifesting itself. When you move on or feel stuck in the moment forever, torch songs echo the various sentiments associated with unreciprocated feelings of love.

What Are Torch Songs and How Do They Work?

The word “torch” comes from the idiom “to carry a torch for someone,” which means to be in love or romantically infatuated with someone who does not reciprocate your feelings. Torch songs are typically used to describe complicated situations in which relationships have ended but one person still has strong and intense feelings for another, thereby keeping the flame alive with unrequited love. Torch songs are emotional ballads that depict various aspects of unrequited or lost love.

Regret and disappointment about love are expressed in a confessional manner, with lyrics directing the listener’s attention to various melancholy aspects of relationships. Torch songs express passionate expressions of grief and sorrow through various forms of lament. Singers and songwriters intricately describe how it feels when a person you love does not return your feelings and moves on to find a new partner in certain songs.

What Does Torch Sing Mean?

This type of singing, which is most commonly found in ballads, expresses the devotion of loving someone unconditionally even if they do not love you back. Torch-singing is a passionate jazz-influenced vocal delivery style that uses a distinct melodic structure.

With a mournful ambiance of lyrics and music, the passion and intensity of lovelorn feelings and unrequited love is exquisitely showcased. Although torch-singing is often associated with the laid-back or theatrical singing styles found in jazz, blues, and Broadway, new forms of torch ballads have become extremely popular in mainstream pop, rock, and R&B over the years.

Torch Love Songs’ Characteristics

In these songs, the feeling of pensive sadness associated with unrequited love is expressed in an emotional manner. Despite the fact that torch love songs have a wide range of characteristics, the lyrics in these songs frequently depict or symbolize something. The intensity of one-sided love is sometimes used as a metaphor to justify a lovelorn person’s actions. Torch love songs are typically characterized by somber melancholy elements. The melancholy tone of torch songs reflects the deep distress brought on by failed relationships. Certain torch ballads use a philosophical approach to convey the message of misunderstood feelings about love.

    • Bewilderment
    • a setback
    • Suffering
    • Bereavement
    • Love Is Gone
    • Emotions
    • adversity
    • Depression is a mental illness that affects
    • Isolation
    • Love that isn’t returned
    • Bereavement
    • culpability
    • Addiction to Behavior
    • Abandonment
    • despondency
    • What a disaster!
    • Anxiety
    • Retaliation
    • Egoism
    • Affliction

Let us know your thoughts, opinions, or song suggestions about the unrequited love game in the comments section. The following is a comprehensive list of torch songs from various genres.

The Top 10 Torch Songs

  1. Selena Gomez and ASAP Rocky’s “Good for You”
  2. –Adele “Good morning”
  3. Bruno Mars, “It Will Rain”
  4. —Olivia Rodrigo, “Drivers License”
  5. Eminem and Rihanna’s song “Love the Way You Lie”
  6. Camila Cabello’s “Havana”
  7. —Ariana Grande, “One Last Time”
  8. “Young and Beautiful” is a phrase used to describe someone who is young and beautiful Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey)
  9. Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”
  10. Rihanna and Mikky Ekko’s song “Stay”

#11 to #20

“Bad Liar” is number eleven. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez)

12. Rihanna’s “Te Amo”

Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” is number thirteen.

The Belle Stars’ “80s Romance” 14th.

Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me” is number fifteen.

16. Justin Bieber and Big Sean’s “As Long As You Love Me”

17. Rita Ora’s “Radioactive”

18. Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello, “Bad Things”

19. Adele’s “All I Ask”

20. Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo, “Close”

#21 to #40

21. Tegan and Sara’s “boyfriend”

22. The Beatles, “Yesterday”

23. Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”

24. The Bangles, “Eternal Flame”

25. Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time”

26. Arthur Hamilton’s “Cry Me a River”

27. Beyonce’s “All Night”

28. Karmin’s “Brokenhearted”

29th. John Denver’s “I’m Sorry”

30. Maroon 5’s “Animals”

Taylor Swift’s song “Lover” is number 31.

“Destiny”—Zero 7 is number 32.

33. Portishead’s “All Mine”

“Wicked Game” (number 34) Chris Isaak (Chris Isaak)

Toni Braxton’s “Un-Break My Heart” is number 35.

36. Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”

37. Skylar Grey’s “I Know You”

James Bay’s “Hold Back the River” 37.

39. Aaliyah’s “Miss You”

Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” is number 40.

#41 to #60

41. Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla Sign, “Work from Home”

42. “Take a Look at Me Now (Against All Odds)” Phil Collins, songwriter

43. DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber, “Let Me Love You”

44. MNEK and Zara Larsson’s “Never Forget You”

45. Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches”

Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” is number 46.

Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” is number 47.

Camila Cabello’s “Crying in the Club” is number 48.

Sinead O’Connor (Sinead O’Connor) “Nothing Compares 2 You” is number 49.

50. Adele’s “When We Were Young”

51. Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart a Break”

52. Little Mix’s “Black Magic”

53. Janet Jackson’s “Come Back to Me”

54. Mark Ronson and Camila Cabello’s “Finding U Again”

55. Maroon 5’s “Maps”

56. Bruno Mars, “Talking to the Moon”

57. Marillion’s “Kayleigh”

58. Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”

—As an example “Changed the Way You Kiss Me” (number 59)

60. Kiesza’s “Giant in My Heart”

#61 to #80

Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey) “We Belong Together” (number 61)

62. Lana Del Rey’s “High by the Beach”

—Jack U (featuring Justin Bieber) 63. “Where Have You Been?”

64. Britney Spears: “Criminal”

65. Sam Smith and Normani’s “Dancing With a Stranger”

67. Enrique Iglesias, “Finally Found You”

67. Rihanna and Drake’s “Work”

68. Major Lazer ft. Ellie Goulding, “Powerful”

69. Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”

70. Avril Lavigne’s “When You’re Gone”

71. Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Minds”

72. Demi Lovato and Cheryl Lloyd, “Really Don’t Care”

Yvonne Elliman Yvonne Elliman Yvonne Elliman Y 73. “I Have No Idea How to Love Him”

74. Hurts—“Stay”

75. James Blunt’s “Goodbye My Lover”

Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” 76th.

77. Mariah Carey’s “My All”

—Sam Smith, “Too Good at Goodbyes” 78th.

—The Brothers of the Righteous 79. “You Don’t Have That Lovin’ Feelin'”

“What Do You Mean?” says number 80. Justin Bieber, “Justin Bieber,” “Justin Bieber,” “Just

#81 to #100

“How You Remind Me” (number 81) Nickelback, if you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, try

82. Gwen Stefani’s “Used to Love You”

83. Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops on My Guitar”

84. Little Mix’s “Secret Love Song”

Bruno Mars, “When I Was Your Man” (85).

86. Mariah Carey, “Can’t Let Go”

NSYNC — “Tearin’ Up My Heart” (number 87)

88. The Cascades’ “Rhythm of the Rain”

89. Alicia Keys and Beyonce, “Put it in a Love Song”

90. Maroon 5’s “Makes Me Wonder”

—From the Backstreet Boys 91. “Show Me What It Means to Be Alone”

92. Avril Lavigne’s “Wish You Were Here”

Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes) 93. “There’s Nothing Stopping Me”

94. Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence”

95. Zedd and Alessia Cara’s “Stay”

96. Cheryl Lloyd’s “Want You Back”

97. Selena Gomez and Gucci Mane’s “Fetish”

98. David Guetta ft. Usher, “Without You”

99. Shakira feat. Rihanna, “Can’t Remember to Forget You”

Lambert, Adam “Better Than I Know Myself” is number 100.

Other Well-Known Torch Love Songs

  • “It Was Always You,” says the narrator. —Maroon 5 is a rock band from the United States.
  • Take That, “Back for Good”
  • “I Can’t Get Enough” —Brown-Eyed Peas
  • Melanie Martinez’s song “Carousel”
  • “Hold Tight” is a phrase that means, “Hold Tight.” Justin Bieber, “Justin Bieber,” “Justin Bieber,” “Just
  • Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold”
  • Guy Sebastian and Lupe Fiasco’s “Battle Scars”
  • Lisa Stansfield’s “All Over the World”
  • “Bittersweet” is a word that comes to mind when I think of this —From Fantasia
  • “Dangerous,” says Cascada.
  • Cashmere Cat and Ariana Grande, “Adore”
  • Maroon 5’s “Feelings”
  • Roy Orbison’s “Crying”
  • —Janet Jackson, “Janet Jackson, ” “Janet Jackson “I Get Lonely” is a song about loneliness.
  • “Have You Ever?” says the narrator. —Brandy Norwood is the author of the book “Brandy Norwood’s
  • —Bee Gees, “If I Can’t Have You”
  • Robin Thicke is a musician who is well-known for his work in the music industry “Recover Her” is a phrase that means “recover her.”
  • Sky Ferreira says, “Everything is embarassing.”
  • “Allow Me to Love You” Mario —
  • The Wanted’s “Glad You Came”
  • —Shawn Mendes, “Mercy”
  • Sarah Whatmome’s “When I Lost You”
  • “I Can’t Let Go” Anthony Hamilton ([email protected])
  • Bryan Adams performs “When You’re Gone” with Melanie C.
  • “I adore you,” Robin Daggers says. “Note:
  • “It’s All That Matters” Justin Bieber, “Justin Bieber,” “Justin Bieber,” “Just
  • —Whitney Houston, “How Will I Know?”
  • Jason Derulo’s “Breathing”
  • —Sanna Nielsen, “Empty Room”
  • “In Your Opinion” —Orianna
  • Charli XCX and Rita Ora, “Doing It”
  • —Illenium and Jon Bellion, “Good Things Fall Apart”
  • Nat King Cole’s “Blue Gardenia”
  • Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better”
  • Vince Gill, “Trying to Get Over You”
  • Snakehips’ “Cruel,” featuring Zayn
  • “Where Is the Love?” is a song that asks, “Where is the love?” Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack
  • X Ambassadors’ “Renegades”
  • —Kehlani, “Gangsta”
  • Betty LaVette (Betty LaVette) “Take it easy on me,” says the narrator.
  • “Excuse me, Miss,” says the narrator. —Jay-Z, “Jay-Z, ” “Jay-
  • —The Jet Setters “Since I don’t have you,” says the narrator.
  • “I Surrender” is a phrase that means “I Give Up.” Celine Dion (Celine Dion, Celine Dion, Celine Dion,
  • “Forget Me Nots” are a type of forget-me-not flower. Patrice Rushen is a writer who lives in New York City.
  • “Hungry Eyes” is a song about people who are hungry. Eric Carmen (Eric)
  • Years & Years, “Desire”
  • —Douglas Gibson “I Can’t Get Enough of You”
  • Aretha Franklin, Aretha Franklin, Aretha Franklin, Aretha Franklin, Are “Until you return to me (that’s what I’m going to do)”
  • Cobie Smulders’ “Sandcastles in the Sand”
  • “Here We Go Again,” says the narrator. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato, Demi Lovato, Demi Lova
  • “I’m wasting my time,” says the narrator. —Roxette adverbial adverbial
  • “You’re Mine (Forever)” Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)
  • Taylor Swift’s “Getaway Car”
  • “Love Me Once More” —Newman, John
  • —Wilson Phillips, “You’re in Love”
  • The Chi-Lites, “Have You Seen Her?”
  • “Come and Get It” is a phrase that means “come and get it.” —Newman, John
  • Cassie, “Official Girl”
  • Koda Kumi’s “Trust Your Love”
  • —Ne-Yo is a rapper from New York City. “Forever Now” is a song from the album “Forever Now.”
  • Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe”
  • “Theory of a Deadman”—“Santa Monica”
  • Judy Garland’s “The Man Who Got Away”
  • Skeeter Davis, “End of the World”
  • NSYNC — “You drive me insane.”
  • The Spinners’ “I’ll Be Around”
  • —John Newman, “cheating”
  • ABBA’s “The Name of the Game”
  • —Stevie Wonder, “I Don’t Know Why”
  • Avicii’s “SOS” features Aloe Blacc.
  • Concrete Blonde’s nickname is “Joey.”
  • Mary J. Blige’s “Missing You”
  • Maroon 5 and Rihanna, “If I Never See Your Face Again”
  • NSYNC’s “Gone”
  • Cascada’s “miracle”
  • Dixie Chicks’ “You Were Mine”
  • “Down in the Depths (On the Ninetieth Floor)” is a song written by David Bowie. —Ethel Merman, “It’s a Wonderful Life”
  • “Right Up” is a phrase that means “straight up.” Paula Abdul says:
  • —Daniel Bedingfield, “If You’re Not the One”
  • Sarah McLachlan (Sarah McLachlan) “When She Loved Me” is a song about a woman who fell in love with him
  • K-Ci and JoJo describe each other as “crazy.”
  • —Training “Saving Me, San Francisco” is a song written for the city of San Francisco.
  • Randy VanWarmer: “Just When I Needed You the Most”
  • Mario — “Here I Go Again,” says the narrator.
  • The Pretenders, “I’ll Stand By You”
  • Merle Haggard and The Strangers, “Always Wanting You”
  • Everything but the Girl is “Missing” in “Missing.”
  • James Blake says, “I’ll come too.”
  • Maroon 5’s “Misery”
  • —Dawn Penn is a writer who lives in New York City. “You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No)” says the narrator.
  • “I’m Done Playing Games With My Heart,” she says. —From the Backstreet Boys
  • “I Stay in Love” is a song from the album “I Stay in Love.” Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)
  • “Written in Stone” is a phrase that means “written in stone.” —Salonga, Lea
  • Ne-Yo’s “So Sick”
  • “All Cried Out” is a song from the album “All Cried Out.” Alison Moyet (Alison Moyet)
  • Kylie Minogue, “What Do I Have To Do”
  • —Rose Royce Royce Royce Royce Royce Royce Royce Royce “I’m on my way down”
  • “What We Did This Summer” is a collection of stories about what we did during the summer. Stafford, Jo
  • NSYNC — “It’s Gonna Be Me” is a song by the band “It’s Gonna Be Me.”
  • Sky Ferreira says, “You’re Not the One.”
  • “Like I Would,” Zayn says.
  • —Paramore says “The One and Only Exception”
  • Eminem and Nate Ruess, “Headlights”
  • Fifth Harmony’s “Sledgehammer”
  • All That Remains Is “Asking Too Much”
  • Drake and Rihanna’s “Take Care”
  • Lana Del Rey’s “Dark Paradise”
  • “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again,” says the narrator. Dionne Warwick (Dionne Warwick, Dionne Warwick, Dionne Warwick,
  • Girls Aloud’s “Whole Lotta History”
  • Eva Taylor’s “Moanin’ Low”
  • The Offspring’s “Self Esteem”
  • “If You Return,” says the narrator. —Purple
  • Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You”
  • —P.O.D. —P.O.D. —P.O.D “Are You Willing?”
  • Emeli Sande’s song “Sparrow”
  • —Gordon and Peter “I’m ripped to shreds”
  • —Nazareth, “Love Hurts”
  • “Chains” is a term used to describe a series of Nick Jonas, “Nick Jonas, Nick Jonas, Nick Jonas
  • Finger Eleven says, “Paralyzer.”
  • Pink — “I don’t believe you,” says the narrator.
  • Hall & Oates (Hall & Oates) (Hall & Oates) (H “She’s Gone” is a song about a woman who has vanished.
  • “Exercise” —James Cole
  • Tinashe says, “Flame.”
  • Ray Charles’ “Crying Time”
  • The Beatles, to quote them “No Response”
  • “Bluer Than Blue” is a song from the album “Bluer Than Blue.” Michael Johnson (Michael Johnson)
  • Bonnie Raitt, “I Can’t Make You Love Me”
  • Taylor Swift’s “The Archer”
  • “Someone Else’s Guy” is a phrase that means “someone else’s guy.” —Jocelyn Brown is a writer who lives in New York City.
  • Vicki Lawrence says, “He Did With Me.”
  • Cindy Walker says, “You don’t know who I am.”
  • “There’s Always Something to Remind Me,” says the narrator. Sandie Shaw is a writer who lives in New York City.
  • Leona Lewis’ song “Lovebird”
  • The 5th Dimension’s “Wedding Bell Blues”
  • —Sade says “Is It Illegal?”
  • “Not Alone Anymore” is a song from the album “Not Alone Anymore.” —The Wilburys on the Road
  • Ben Haenow and Kelly Clarkson’s “Second Hand Heart”
  • “It’s You,” says Zyan.
  • “Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)” is a song written by John Lennon. —Seagulls in a flock
  • Kygo feat. Kodaline, “Raging”
  • Erasure: “Boy”
  • Dusty Springfield’s “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me”
  • Lambert, Adam “Another Lonely Night” is a song from the album “Another Lonely Night.”
  • —Ethel Waters, “Stormy Weather”
  • “Latch” (featuring Sam Smith)—Disclosure
  • The Four Tops (The Four Tops) (The Four Tops) (The Four “It’s the Same Old Song” is a song that has been around for a long time.
  • Gin Blossoms, “Hello Jealousy”
  • —Marion Harris, “She’s Funny That Way”
  • Badfinger’s “Without You”
  • Yellowcard’s “Only One”
  • Dionne Warwick (Dionne Warwick, Dionne Warwick, Dionne Warwick, “Walk On By” is a song by the band “Walk On By.”
  • Phil Collins’ song “Sussudio”
  • Black Eyed Peas, “Missing You”
  • Fifth Harmony (Fifth Harmony) “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”
  • “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” Ray Parker Jr. is a writer who has written for a variety of publications.
  • Gym Class Heroes’ “Ass Back Home”
  • Maroon 5’s “Never Gonna Leave This Bed”
  • “Mine Once More” Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)
  • R City ft. Adam Levine, “Locked Away”
  • NSYNC’s “I’ll Never Stop”
  • Case: “Missing You”
  • —Sky Ferreira, “Obsession”
  • Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato, Demi Lovato, Demi Lova Tell me you love me with “Tell Me You Love Me.”
  • “Train”—“Drive By”—“Train”—“Train”—“
  • Maroon 5’s “Won’t Go Home Without You”
  • “I’d like you to come back to me,” says the narrator NSYNC —
  • “Stupid Girl”—Creative++++++++++++++
  • —Tamar Braxton, “My Man”
  • Jennifer Holiday (Jennifer Holiday, Jennifer Holiday, Jennifer Holiday, Jennifer Holiday, Jennifer Holiday, Jennifer “And I’m telling you right now that I’m not going.”
  • Selena Gomez describes herself as “sober.”
  • Patsy Cline’s “I Fall to Pieces”
  • “I’m missing you,” says the narrator. —From Westlife
  • Biz Markie, “Just a Friend”
  • “There was no response at all” —Genesis xiiiiiiiiiii
  • The Vamps and Martin Jensen’s “Middle of the Night”
  • –R5 “(I Can’t) Forget About You” is a song written by David Bowie.
  • Crystal Gayle (Crystal Gayle) “It Doesn’t Turn My Brown Eyes Blue”
  • Garbage—“Milk”
  • “No, Caroline,” says Caroline. Brian Wilson says:
  • —Angie Stone, “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”
  • The Pretty Reckless, “Make Me Wanna Die”
  • “I Drive Myself Crazy Thinking of You” NSYNC —
  • Little Anthony 7 The Imperials “Hurt So Bad”
  • Robin Schulz ft. J.U.D.G.E., “Show Me Love”
  • Victoria Justice says, “Gold.”
  • “Wrong” by Zyan and Kehlani
  • —Ne-Yo is a rapper from New York City. “Because of You,” says the narrator.
  • Bread’s “Lost Without Your Love”
  • Frank Sinatra’s “The World We Knew (Over and Over)”
  • “I guess I’ll just let my tears dry out in the open.” —Withers, Jane
  • —Dionne Warwick, “Anyone With a Heart”
  • “I’ve Never Been There” —Baking
  • Maroon 5’s “Give a Little More”
  • Celine Dion (Celine Dion, Celine Dion, Celine Dion, “To Love You More” is a song from the album “To Love You More.”
  • “Ooo Ooo Baby,” says the narrator. —From the film Miracles
  • Justin Bieber’s “Heartbreaker”
  • —Basshunter is a slang term for a hunter who “Angel in the Night” is a song about a nighttime angel.
  • —Ronnie Milsap, “It Was Almost Like a Song”
  • —From the Backstreet Boys “Shape of My Heart” is a song about the shape of my heart.
  • Jill Scott’s “My Love”

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